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Expert & Dispute Resolution

There are many ways in which we can contribute to the successful resolution of a dispute

Competition & Anti-Trust

We have significant experience in providing accounting and financial expert evidence for both Claimants and Defendants in a wide range of competition law disputes.

Our knowledge and experience of how businesses operate underpins our ability to provide robust expertise in relation to commercial and trading issues, supplementing the expertise of lawyers and competition economists.  We also have experience of applying a wide range of damage quantification methods which are adaptable to competition matters.

We can assist at all stages of a competition dispute, from responding to regulatory inquiries, through assessing liability and damages, and giving expert evidence.  Examples of how we can help are:

Disputes relating to cartels

  • Overcharge – Assessing the level of overcharge by applying our team’s expertise in assessing financial data and producing financial models.
  • Pass-on – Assessing contemporaneous evidence to establish whether pass-on actually occurred.

Disputes relating to the abuse of a dominant position

  • Establishing causation – Applying our team’s accounting experience to conduct costs and margin analysis in order to establish liability regarding predatory or excessive pricing.
  • Business valuations – Where the quantification of loss is measured in a loss of value in a business, applying our team’s experience of business valuation to quantify damages appropriately.
  • Wasted costs – Reviewing contemporaneous evidence to assess or prepare wasted costs claims.

We have worked on and are currently working on a variety of contentious competition law cases including:

  • A review of damages quantification methodologies, in contemplation of litigation, for multiple Claimants in follow-on damages claims against a cartel.
  • A business valuation, and wasted costs assessment, for a Claimant whose business was allegedly impacted by an abuse of dominance.
  • An assessment of both overcharge and pass-on, for a single Claimant, in a follow-on damages claim against a number of cartels.

If you would like to find out more about our experience in valuation disputes, please contact any of our partners.