Assessing quantum in the consumer goods and services sector

Our work in the consumer goods and services sector has seen us advise on accounting, financial and valuations issues stemming from food and beverage manufacturing, household electricals and automotive products through to hotels, leisure and tourism, and professional services.

Our involvement ranges from investigating financial irregularities to valuing businesses to quantifying losses.  Our experts are equipped to provide robust and independent advice in the form of expert opinion and expert determination through to written and oral testimony in court and under international arbitrations.

Our recent cases include:

  • Acted as accounting expert in a UK litigation, for our client in the UK hospitality sector, over the sale of a number of franchise operations for alleged breach of warranty.
  • Valuation of a joint venture in the global fashion industry located in the Middle East under the terms of a shareholders’ agreement.
  • Assisted the shareholders and administrators of a parent and subsidiary UK sub-prime lending company in assessing the quantum of loss in a £1.6 billion professional negligence claim brought against their auditors.
  • Engaged by the claimant in a dispute relating to alleged financial irregularities and valuation of on-line business in a LCIA claim over USD 130 million in a developing market.
  • Provided expert evidence on the quantum of loss suffered as a result of reliance on alleged fraudulent misrepresentations during the sale and purchase of a restaurant chain in China.

If you would like to find out more about our experience in consumer goods and services disputes, please contact any of our partners.