We continue our series of articles focussing on our up and coming experts by turning the spotlight on Emily Hierons, whose career prior to focusing on disputes includes audit, banking and strategy.  She is recommended by Who’s Who Legal as a Future Leader in Quantum of Damages and comes “highly recommended for her strong experience across various sectors from telecoms to mining.”

What do you bring to Haberman Ilett that complements the team’s existing experience?

I took a slightly more convoluted route to becoming a forensic accountant than most and in a role that is so varied, I have found it beneficial to have a breadth of experience to draw from.

I began my working life as an auditor in the financial services department of a Big 4 accountancy firm.  Although many forensic accountants start in audit, I took a few detours before finding my niche in disputes, including:

  • Five years at an investment bank where I initially focused on exotic interest rate derivatives and then moved to a wider project-based role.
  • Two years working part-time in finance at a local council when my children were very small.

After speaking with a career coach and looking for a role that would best fit my strengths, I started work as a forensic accountant in 2011 at the firm where I qualified.

How have you been involved in the development of Haberman Ilett?

I agreed to join Haberman Ilett before operations began and have been part of the team since day one, in September 2013.  Whilst this was something of a leap of faith, it was a chance to be a part of something very special.  I had previously enjoyed working with Phil Haberman, Liz Perks and Vikki Wall, and I believed that a firm with these people at the helm would be successful.

Over seven years on, I can reflect on what an incredible experience this time has been.  From the excitement and expectation of the first few days to being part of an established firm of over 35 fee earners to being part of Kroll, its success is a testament to the inspirational leadership that Phil, Frank and the other partners have provided.

I continue to help run training programmes for my colleagues who work in damages within Kroll’s expert services, and I really enjoy helping my dispute colleagues fulfil their potential, as well as ensuring that we can meet the changing needs of the business.

Are there any types of cases that you are particularly interested in?

I am particularly interested in valuation work and am part of the valuations team, which focusses on developing our practices within valuation projects.

That being said, I really enjoy the variety of forensic work.  Every case poses a new intellectual challenge, with a different situation, and relating to a different geographical location and industry.  The complexity of the cases we work on means that we get completely immersed in the detail, so I am always learning something new.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

I love spending time out and about with my family.  I am mum to two teenagers, who are growing up much too quickly.  I hope that as a working mum I can be a good role model, and the flexibility that comes from working part time helps me to juggle the demands of work and home, whilst retaining my sanity.