Olesya Prantyuk and I spoke at the VI Arbitration School organised by the Ukrainian Arbitration Association for the members of the Students’ League of the Ukrainian Bar Association in Kyiv.

On a day dedicated to the role of evidence in international arbitration, Olesya and I delivered a session which primarily focused on the principles of damages calculated for claims involving loss of profits, valuation and wasted costs.  The presentation also covered concepts which could have a tangible impact on quantum, including the difference between ex-post and ex-ante approaches, and pre-award interest.  In addition, we discussed the role of the quantum expert in arbitration proceedings and how forensic accountants can work with legal teams to achieve the best outcome for the client without compromising the expert’s independence.

We hope that all the attendees found the day as enjoyable and informative as we did.  This was the first time that a session on damages was included in the Arbitration School’s programme and we hope that it gave the students an idea of the role of a quantum expert and a better understanding of how we work together with lawyers and counsel.

Our thanks to the Ukrainian Arbitration Association for organising the event and to Integrites Law Firm for hosting.