Haberman Ilett’s partners and staff regularly provide training to members of London’s litigation and arbitration community.  Our objective is to share our expertise of both complex and more straightforward accounting matters with those dealing with financial information in the context of a dispute.  We also offer insights that support the broader litigation and arbitration processes, for example, if considering when and how to engage a quantum expert.

Vikki Wall, partner, has delivered many of these training sessions.  In the last 12 months in particular she has shared her 20 years of experience as a forensic accountant with audiences from a number of organisations.  Topics she has covered include her insight into the expert’s viewpoint for the benefit of both junior and senior lawyers at an international law firm and an explanation of the, often misunderstood, basics of financial statements to a leading commercial chancery set of barristers.  She has also spoken on more technical topics, such as the basics of valuation to an American international law firm.

Given her experience working as the expert on arbitrations, last autumn Vikki was delighted to be invited to participate in a series of training sessions organised by Haberman Ilett and Debevoise & Plimpton that championed female quantum experts from London’s top accountancy firms.  She was also able to use her recent experience of working on the quantification of loss in a substantial software development dispute when discussing the quantum issues in technology cases at a conference arranged by the Society for Computers and Law.

Vikki is also a member of the committee that organises the ICAEW Forensic & Expert Witness Community, which provides technical and soft skills updates to its members:

This role has allowed me to speak to a large number of expert witnesses and to understand others’ opinions on the key issues.  I feel this has put me in a more informed position to discuss these issues with lawyers.

Our partners and staff are committed to contributing to the debates being discussed within the arbitration and litigation communities.  These training sessions provide Vikki and others with the opportunity to discuss the issues affecting our work and listen to the responses and opinions from others within the community.

Please contact Vikki or your usual Haberman Ilett representative if you would like to know more about Haberman Ilett’s training.